Synthetizing the synthesis

A game of 5.

Un juego de 5.

Transgressing the borders


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  1. hi roberto,
    as much as i like your graphics and drawings i am starting to wonder if they are getting in the way of making some progress with scenarios, timeline, program, approach to your role.

    you have analyzed the situation
    you have identified the ‘problem(s)
    you have localized a site
    – good!
    you want to be a facilitator…
    what do you facilitate, HOW for who, when???
    i would love to see some work on this!

    instead of repeating myself i re-phrase my earlier comments:

    describe a few scenarios
    by that i mean thought-experiments regarding program/form/scale of your intervention
    – throw yourself into what to do (maybe minimum/medium and maximum interventions you find intriguing)
    and then ask yourself how
    discuss consequences, timeline, participation and the keywords from the confrontation in relation to each scenario

    i strongly recommend that you continue with the group discussions for feed back and testing of ideas

    i also want to remind you about the potential of using fantoft as a case study, and include your own experiences w/migration
    collect some comments on/from youth culture, trans-culture, translation
    video or sound?
    reactions to the scenarios?

    look fwd to it!
    best regards

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