Flying kites in the ghetto: an approach to urban liminality

Migrating is like growing up: you leave home looking for something better.

After much work, here it is: the final presentation.

Exhibition space: hope as a design element

Exhibition space: hope as a design element

The presentation contains 10 posters:

01 – Introduction to the situation, problem, methodology and objectives.

02 – Background: the Million Programme, new migration patterns in Scandinavia.

03 – The people of Rosengård, prime matter. The new Swedes.

04 – Modernistic architecture and the ghetto.

Hard work is the key to good fortune.

05 / 06 – Master plan, political architecture.

07 – Map of lost experiences, a new language to understand the ghetto.

08 – Site analysis; a bazaar in Herrgården?

09 – Architecture of the bazaar, a mixture of Islamic and Scandinavian.

10 – Forecast, how the face of the neighborhood can change?

What is really inside these blocks?

Also, 29 small and big models were made: the smallest was the size of a fist; the largest was 1,22m x 2,44m.

Actions in space.


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