Takk… gracias… thank you… danke… obrigado…

In no particular order:

Mi amor, for being by my side always.

Mi familia, porque sin ustedes yo no hubiera llegado a donde estoy. Este momento nos pertenece a todos.

Gisle, for being a guide during the last year.

Vibeke, for the injection of energy and vitality into the project.

Bruno, for an interview that became the backbone of the project.

José, por su amistad, solidaridad y ayuda.

Eva Kun, Trudi Jæger, Sverre Sondresen, Ivo Barros and those classmates, teachers and people who believed in this project.

Those who read this blog, and those who commented on it. / A los que leyeron este blog y escribieron en él.

Oh yeah!

Til alle, mange takk. To all, thank you. A todos, muchas gracias. Vielen Dank. Muito obrigado.


One Response

  1. congratulations roberto!
    i wish you all the best in your future life as an architect and hope you will pursue your work of improving modernist ghettos
    keep in touch!

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